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    I am changing from steel wheels to wires. Can any one suggest a good place to get chrome wires from. Also need tyres. Is there a size and brand that is best suited to the SP250.

    Thank you in advance for any suggestions.



    Hello Tim
    The main source of wire wheels is MWS. When I fitted wires to my SP 10 years ago I purchased from SC Parts who still sell them. I suspect the wheels had the same source, but I found SC cheaper than MWS. The choice of finish is a matter of taste. Stainless steel is now popular however whilst it has obvious advantages it does seem to sparkle as much as chrome. The painted finish is the cheapest.
    I fitted 5″ x 15″ tyres which are a good compromise although for the purest 4 1/2″ may be preferable.
    My tyres are Fulda which I believe are only available now in low profile, but Vredstein sprint classics 185 x 15 are now popular as are Michelin XAS in 180 x 15 size. In most cases these should not cause problems with rubbing on the body. Avoid low profile and fit 80 aspect ratio.

    Another option is Turrino wire wheels, the company is I believe run by a SP owner which is extensively modified.


    I would echo Stewart’s advice above.

    The other option to consider for tyres is Blockley

    They used to supply these ready fitted to MWS wires at a discount – not sure if they still do, but may be worth checking.



    Thank you for the replies. Just ordering the chrome wires from SC parts right now !

    Still not too sure on the tyes. Longstone classic tyres have done a comparison video of a number of tyres, and one they suggest as favourable is the Michelin 180HR15 XAS , as you suggested Stewart. Although they say they are good for the extra ground clearance and gearing they suggest there is a possibility for rubbing on full lock, also as you mentioned Stewart. So ultimately the guy there suggests a 165 size.

    Dilemma now !

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