100000 – 100005 Prototypes: 

 The SP252 version is still extant on chassis No: 100005. The early press prototype on chassis 100002 (XHP 438)  was purchased in 2019  by Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust and returned to the UK from Canada. .



100010 – 100569 LHD:

  The 1959 New York show car, chassis 100010 was subsequently broken up in May 1961.



100570 – 100759 RHD:

  Chassis No.100571 was the 1959 Hooper show car later re-bodied as an SP.

  Chassis Nos. 100572 & 100576 were the 1959 UK Motor Show stand cars.

 Chassis No. 100645 is SP 250 registered as such in Scotland on Body No. 737 -0250




Registration SP 250

100760 – 101324 LHD:

Chassis No. 101333, the much-publicised Daimler press car 5510 HP.

101325 –101509 RHD:

Chassis No. 101354 had a retractable hard top and known as the AHC Daimler.

Chassis No. 101503 New Zealand show car.

101510 – 101585 LHD:

Chassis No. 101583 redesigned/profiled front and rear and know as the ‘Bigorie Special’ – last French car sold.

102510 – 102834 RHD:

Chassis No. 102557 rebuilt following an accident as a ‘Tornado Talisman’

103710 – 104456 RHD:

Chassis Nos. 103974 & 104174 the ‘Ogle’ cars, so named SX250s by John Ogier the chairman of Ogle. He also owned Essex Racing Stable, which ran
amongst its plethora of cars the famous Aston Martin Zagato DB4GTs, 1VEV & 2 VEV.

Chassis No. 104425 the last to leave the factory.

One of the prototype Ogle SX250 Cars. The design was sold to Reliant and after modifications became the Scimitar GT.

It would therefore appear that 2,654 SP chassis were built and 2,652 cars including the prototypes but excludes the two Ogle SX250s. A number of the earlier SPs, shipped to the States, were later returned to the Coventry factory for chassis rectification to the then much – improved ‘B’spec mode.

It may as well be sensible to view the SP’s body number, as this gives an over-view of its standard of specification. The SP’s body number all start 737 – plus four digits. Such as 737 – 1234 this number is found on the bulkhead (firewall) on the right hand side of the car viewed from the front with the bonnet (hood) raised towards the rear.

The earliest ‘B’ spec is 100499 LHD and 100747 RHD but it is somewhat arbitrary as, several earlier cars were upgraded to ‘B’ spec, and many cars had numerous options and accessories that were fitted to later spec cars. February 1963 saw the introduction of the ‘C’ spec, the first being 737 – 2318, again there are later body numbers that were ‘B’ spec, however, it gives some sort of guide between the breakdown of models, therefore, it seems prior Nov 1960 cars are generally ‘A’ spec, post Nov 1960 are more or less ‘B’ spec and post February 1963 are likewise more or less ‘C’ spec. (It must be noted that the sequential numbers of either chassis or body numbers do not necessarily follow a chronological date production programme).