Just as we in Europe and North America are entering the classic car season, our calendar of events and even casual use has in the main been stopped or postponed as a result of Coronavirus. Our Antipodean friends have managed a Summer using their cars, however most of us are now off the road. Please keep safe to ensure that SP250s are once again out and about, hopefully in the near future.


The club operates on a subscription free basis and relies on the help and generosity of SP250 owners around the world.

The site is for all owners whether current, past or future, together with enthusiasts of the marque. The forum is a global platform allowing SP250 owners and fans to connect.

The purpose of the club is twofold:

1. To promote the SP250 by supplying information, mainly on the website, but also organising a presence where possible at various classic car shows around the world. There are several other SP250 clubs and groups around the world with whom we work.

2. Research, helping to provide a documented record of as many surviving SP250s as possible. We are in a position to help owners with informal queries on their cars, and sometimes the car’s history.

This leads us on to:

pasSPort which is a directory we publish every year. The 2019 edition contains the details of 923 SP250 cars located in 24 countries and it is FREE to entrants. For more information click on the pasSPort page


We can increase this number with your help.

It is important to note that we are in association with the Daimler & Lanchester Owners’ Club (DLOC). At last count, it is estimated that approximately 350 DLOC members are SP250 owners and we have 700+ SP250 owners registered in pasSPort. We therefore urge SP250 owners to join the DLOC. For details click on the links page.



In the classic car movement discussions are often quite heated as to whether originality or modified is best. Our view in the club is that it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the spirit of owning an SP250. Originality in some eyes is essential to maintain the true nature of the breed and to maintain value. On the other hand, modifications can in some instances keep an SP250 on the road, and many consider provide a more pleasant driving experience.

There are those who have frowned upon replacing the original steering box with rack and pinion steering, however once the conversion is carried out few if any wish to return to the original. There are of course more radical departures from original. Two spring to mind: the installation of 5 speed gearboxes and the installation of American V8 engines.

Original or modified SP250 owners are all welcome here. Each to their own.

The short history and photographs below have been provided by Tony Carlisle from California and are repeated verbatim. He recently contacted us and offers a poignant and compelling reason to own an SP250 modified or not. 

“I know very little about Daimlers (a,b,c) so I did not put that on the form.  I really want to drive this car as much as possible.  That being said I really need help with the rack and pinon and possibly a windshield. (that is another long story).  I know this car is not original and people will not like that, but I can say it came that way to our family.  My dad loved this car so the value really doesn’t matter because I will probably never sell it.  At least it is still on the road, and when I take it out people just stare and want to know what it is.  I teach fourth grade and the kids love seeing it when I drive it to school.”

“My Dad bought the car in the early 70s maybe late 60s. It came with a 283 Corvette motor and four speed. My Dad was a police officer who was shot and paralyzed from the chest down. To drive the car he put an automatic in it and also put in an Austin Healey 3000 rear end. Long story short it’s a Daimler that has next to nothing original, (not even the front chrome) but my Dad loved this car. I redid it so he could see it before he passed away. Color scheme is because he loved the Golden State Warrior basketball team. Not even close to original but it draws looks from everybody because nobody knows what it is. I have had all wiring completely redone, gauges, it has fuel injected 350 Chevy motor. Looking to possibly change back to five speed manual and rack and pinion in the future. I really want to drive this car as much as possible.

I know it is not original, but it is still a Daimler on the road…and this is the way we bought the car 50 years ago.”