V8: of 90 degrees with OHV operated by push rods from a single camshaft set high within the block. Bore: 3.000” (76.200mm) Stroke: 2.750” (69.850mm) giving a cubic capacity of 152.56cu in. and 2.548 litres. BHP: 140. (gross) at 5,800rpm. HP – RAC rating 28.8. Maximum Torque: 155lb.ft at 3600rpm. Two S.U.HD6 Carburettors. Cast iron block with aluminium cylinder heads.


Clutch, single dry plate Borg & Beck 9” (228.6mm). Rear axle ratio 3. 58 Salisbury type 7HA.It must be noted there were two types of 7HAs fitted; the earlier had three plugs, the later two. It is this later type, which is the better and stronger of the two.

Gearbox ratios:

1st    2.933:1    giving an overall ratio of    10.500:1

2nd   1.742:1    giving an overall ratio of    6.236:1

3rd    1.232:1    giving an overall ratio of    4.410:1

4th               1:1   giving an overall ratio of    3.580:1


Girling discs (rotors) all round; 10.625’’ (269.875mm) up front, whilst the rear has 10’’ (254mm) however, the rear caliper arrangement was almost unique to the car, just sharing it with the Gordon Keeble, the Le Mans TR3S and the legendary Aston Martin DB4 GT.


Wheelbase 7’ 8’’ (2336.80mm); Track – Front 4’ 2’’ (1270.00mm); Rear 4’ 0’’ (1219.20mm)
Length 13’ 4½’’ (4076.70mm); Width 5’ 0½’’ (1536.70mm); Ground clearance 6’’ (152.40mm).
Frontal area 16sq.ft. (1. 4865sq.metres). Turning circle 33’ 6’’ (10.210 metres).
Weight at kerb 2,218lbs (1006 kgs).