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    Beat Weibel

    Hello SP250 friends
    I am looking for a water temperature and fuel gauge since the ones on my car are not original and don’t work properly. Does anybody have spare ones?
    Best regards and thanks for your help


    I face a similar issue but I think its worth asking is it the gauge or the appropriate sensor that is the issue?

    my fuel gauge shows tends to show the same or similar reading, although it does move. However, the car has been stored for some time and the old fuel has a tendency to go to varnish and that in turn messes up the fuel sensor float mechanism. My gut tells me its more likely to be this than the gauge in the dash. so a good clean or replacement of the float sensor in the tank is my first port of call

    similarly on the water temp, the sensor in the thermostat could be the issue and rather than pulling the dash apart I am looking at a new sensor that is on its way from barry thorne

    I not David manners and others have new gauges for sale



    I can help out if you cannot source locally. These are second hand and would need refurbishing .

    Also the oil gauge on the early SP is 0 – 60lbs whereas on a later SP 0 – 100 lbs


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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