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    I have been having ongoing problems with my speedo. It has been back to a well respected specialist in Nottingham 4 times now. They say it has been repaired but it does not go for more than a few miles at best. The odometer seems to be working fine.
    The cable is brand new and the drive from the gearbox is strong.
    My query is should I just replace it with a new model, or try another speedo specialist?
    Any advice gratefully received


    Do you have a direct drive or a 90deg. fitment.
    Also whereabouts are you situated


    Thanks for the response.
    The gearbox has a 90 degree fitment. However, I have tried to get the speedo working both with and without the fitment attached. The gearbox is a Toyota W58 so the attachment is on the RHS of the car.

    The drive from the gearbox seems to be fine and the odometer is ticking away the miles.
    The car is presently in London but will hopefully be joining me in Wroxham in the next 10 days.


    A number of SP owners use a firm called JDO – try your search engine for that name . We find the service very good and reasonable (turnaround time)



    Hi, A friend of mine who has a Dart, also had his speedo reconned at a Nottingham specialist .Having recently failed, his is now being returned for rectification.
    The reason I asked where you are located is that I have a spare working speedo which I have loaned out locally.
    Fortunately my friend is at present making use of my spare.



    Many thanks for the responses.
    I was led to believe that there was a speedo repairer locally and have been trying to track him down. However, I learned he only makes speedo parts. So I will be calling JDO on Monday.
    Silverdart: I hope your friend has more luck than me.
    The speedo has no stopped working all together, so it is time to get it fixed. Luckily it is drivable because there is a handy app on my phone that can tell me my speed.
    In this lovely summer weather, its great to be driving around those country lanes!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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