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    Although this is from 2012, thought it worth posting a link to the track laps at Le Mans from the club’s Le Mans Classic Trip. This was the first cautious exploratory lap before it got a bit quicker!



    Any chance of a bit more info?
    Who was driving? What was the reg. nr.?
    Any special mods to steering or suspension as it looks like a skiddy surface?

    What is the white car in front most of the time? A Lancia Flaminia?

    What was the Dart’s speed down the straights? About 70 to 80mph judging by the speed of overtaking cars probably doing the ton.

    I notice that the windscreen wipers parked on the left whereas for RHD it’s normally on the right.


    Certainly John.

    It was me driving my left hand drive car (well spotted with the wipers!) 13 ACM.

    It was very damp and the SP has the rear telescopic shock absorber conversion ( one of the development models working with Robert Grinter). It has since had a front anti-roll bar fitted, but this was not on it at the time.

    The car in front I believe was a Lancia Flaminia Zagato, which was quicker on the straights, but could be outcornered by the SP – after a cautious first lap, we overtook it on lap 2.

    On the Mulsanne straight some of the more modern cars were going very fast but we kept it mostly to around 100 mph ( the road was obviously closed to the public at the time).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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