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    John Holmes

    Would any one have a recommendation for electronic ignition. I am thinking of the Lumenition optronic with the rover v8 distributor kit from autocar

    I have the 123 system on other classics but it has been hard to install. I live in switzerland and we dont have the uk range of mechanics

    The car is running very well on new points but I am just trying to avoid problems in the future

    Is it possible to find an oil cooler installation also. I have the kenlowe in front of the radiator because I have the upgraded steering and there is no room for the traditional fan. I have to climb to 1500 m to get home and Id like to improve the cooling

    many thanks

    Radford Jim

    Hello John
    I have the Luminition Optronic with FK123. It came with the car and was reused as part of the restoration in 2016. The control module is now concealed under the dashboard to maintain “originality”. I have the matching Luminition non-ballasted coil. I have never had a problem with it and would recommend. I wonder why you would use the Rover V8 conversion?

    Sorry I’ve no experience with oil coolers but check out the archive on the DLOC Forum.



    Hello John

    If you change to a ‘Flexolite’ spin off oil filter conversion, they do an adapter/take off for an oil cooler. I appreciate that you will still have to mount the cooler radiator buy you will be half way there. Have a look at their website.


    John Holmes

    thanks to you both for your replies

    the lumenition optronic kit from autocar comes with a distributor head conversion. they say it is stronger ยจ


    For the electronic distributor have a look at the complete replacement dissy called a “Scorcher” from Performance Ignitions in Australia


    It is a sensational replacement, I have had one in my SP for about 12-13 years now and I recently changed the leads, cap and rotor button just to ensure everything was in top condition, albeit it really didn’t need doing.

    The “consumable” parts are all Bosch and easy and cheap to get….




    Hello, John.

    I have an oil cooler installed which, on the advice of a local specialist, is mounted directly against the radiator on the engine side, opposite a pusher cooling fan. They fabricated brackets attached to the radiator itself and then the oil cooler is bolted to the brackets. I use a Flexolite spin off conversion to remotely mount the filter and provide a take off point to the oil cooler.

    If you are interested, I will send some photos next week – car is currently having some work done.

    With best wishes,


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