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    My 1962 Dart has the ‘standard’ crankshaft rope oil seal leak. I am waiting for Russ C to take it in and convert to more modern seal but has anyone fabricated an oil catcher to save damaging drives etc whilst I wait? Any diagrams or photos would be very helpful!


    It depends on how bad the leak is if it is confined to one spot the a plastic tray from Wilkos or similar would suffice. A more substancial leak then drip trays are readily available. I use a top off a water header tank which I acquired when the water tank in our loft failed failed. It may be worth filling what ever you use with sawdust.




    You must either have a late SP engine or an engine from a saloon.

    There is /was a special tool for resizing /fitting the rope seal into the rear bearing. This rope seal was a Daimler modification following on from the ‘ring’ type that were originally fitted.



    Thanks Laurie, yes it is a saloon engine modified by P G. I am awaiting D Carpenter to call it forward to machine and fit a modern seal but hoped to try to save some money…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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