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    Hi Guys, thought I would say hello and pick your brains at the same time.

    I have just bought a red A spec Dart and would like to restore it back to it’s former glory and need to know the colour.

    The heritage certificate confirms it left the factory red and all the evidence on the car confirms it has never had a colour change, It is currently a bright red that has faded somewhat over the years and in fact looks almost orange now. I know there are some maroon colours that are called red but this is definitely not one of them. I have read that there is a Royal Red which I suspect this maybe it. Either way it is a bright red that ideally I need the colour name or colour code for.

    Can anyone help.

    Thanks in advance.




    As advised by Laurence in the past,

    ICI Colour Codes P031- or MO73-
    or ‘Belco’ = ‘B’
    Belco Ready Mixing Scheme Handbook

    Daimler Ivory (59/60/61/62/63/64) ‘B’ – 5619
    Black (61/62/63/64) ‘B’ – 122
    Racing Green (59) ‘B’ – 5377
    Racing Green (60/61/62/63/64) ‘B’ – 5250
    Royal Red/Rochester Red (59/60/61/62/63/64) ‘B’- 3120
    Metallichrome Silver Grey P031-2300m
    Maroon (61/62/63/64) ‘B’- 8511
    Metallichrome Mountain Blue (61/62/63/64) –
    Current 2010 (year) code ICI P422 – NRG1B
    = base coat, formulation & lacquer

    (NB. Small m = mettallic)

    1963 note – Non-standard body colour £12-1-8d and non-standard leather colour £13-6s.(when ordered at new) I find this interesting in that the same prices were also applied to M/Major and the Limousine.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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