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    I am renewing the insurance on the car, and as its finally out of sick bay , I would like to be sure it is insured properly, not in it’s previous state of undress.

    Can I ask if there is a recommended valuer somewhere in the Midlands?


    The usual first port of call is one of the owners club’s, if you are a member of one. Some insurance companies give guideline valuations, If you use one of them then you will need to complete a length form and send photographs. It does to a large extent depend on the vehicle, I assume it is an SP which will suggest that you will need to consider joining the DLOC which offers a valuation service.


    Hi, I live in the West Mids. and have owned various Darts since 1967. I meet up with many Dart owners and consider myself very knowledgeable in the realistic valuation of this marque.
    I would be happy to meet and give my opinion [ obviously free of charge] of your car and I am always happy to meet new owners in my area.



    Hi David, I did not realize that you are the guy I met at Lichfield on 7th. July.
    Having seen your car I reckon you should insure it for £45000.
    Hagerty have a pricing tool and I reckon your car falls somewhere between Good and Excellent on their ratings.
    I would think If you were to insure with them you would not need a written valuation. None was required in my case. Also you only need to send photographs every 3 years.

    Regards Dave.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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