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    I have just purchased an ‘A’ spec UK car in need of a full restoration and intend to start with up-grading the chassis. Does anyone have details of exactly what is required, what order if any it needs to be done in. Also any advice from any who have trod this path before and photo’s of before and after so I know what I’m trying to achieve.

    Many thanks Clive


    I have about 10 photos of my A spec chassis nr. 100587 and others during the restoration taken by the restorer in 2014 but I can’t see how to show them here. Email me at jb.dart @ hotmail.com (no spaces).
    The chassis was treated with Stoneguard, but there is a debate about using powder coating or paint or waxoil.



    The easy option is to buy the parts required from Robert Grinter https://www.robertgrinter.co.uk/styled-2/styled-26/

    To successfully do this you will need to take the body off the chassis as work is required both ends and it makes life a whole lot easy.

    By the way what is it’s chassis no: 10xxxx or the body no: 737 – xxxx


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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